“In today’s fast paced society where there is an increasing demand on parent’s time, children are spending less and less time being slow and engaging in the outdoor natural environment.” (Loovy 2007)

Children are increasingly spending more and more time on small screen experiences than being physically active or engaged in a natural outdoor setting.

Here at Salamander Child Care Centre we believe children need to be given the opportunity to engage with nature as it supports and enhances children’s intellectual, social/emotional, physical and spiritual development and builds resilience.

Children at Salamander Child Care Centre are given the opportunity on a daily basis to spend time in the outdoor environment and also have regular daily visits to the surrounding bush area.

These regular visits allow the Children the opportunity to be creative problem solvers, to explore and investigate nature in its true wild state and to witness first-hand the changes that occur as a result of natural elements such as wind, rain & storm.