In line with our philosophy we believe in teaching our children about sustainability and caring for our environment.

To extend on this we have decided to put some baskets at the front of our Centre where families can bring in recyclables from home and deposit them in our labelled baskets.

Once the baskets are full, children and staff will take them across to the Woolworths Return and Earn depot and deposit the recyclables in return for money for our Centre.

This money will grow over time and will then be used to buy other sustainable resources for our children.

This project not only gives our children learning opportunities about environmental care and sustainability but also gives them the opportunity to become an active and involved community member, working with our community to reduce litter and keep our town clean as well as raise money for our Centre.

Our children will also have the opportunity to see how many cans, bottles and plastics are collected in a short period of time, which could have potentially become waste in our environment but are instead now being recycled.

Recyclables that can be bought in for return and earn are aluminium cans, plastic water bottles, most drink bottles (sports drinks etc), cans, liquid paperboard containers and juice bottles under 1 litre.

Please make sure all recyclables are rinsed clean.

Please note milk and juice containers over 1 litre are not accepted.

We are also asking that no glass is brought in as part of our project, as the children will be active in handling the recyclables and this could be a safety risk.

Please bring in your plastics and aluminium cans and help us become more sustainable which in turn can earn money to go back into our Centre.

And please remember if possible bring your recyclables in a reusable bag you can take home and refill!!!

Thank you for your time and participation in our project. Any feedback or ideas would be greatly appreciated.


Nicole Mullins
Team Co-ordinator – Lillypilly Room

Salamander Child Care Centre