The children at Salamander Child Care Centre were hoping to revisit the Bush that surrounds the Centre but discovered after the Christmas Break that it was a bit untidy and unsafe to visit.  Sadly, the area had been used as a dumping ground.  The children have been learning about caring for our environment and helping the community, so SCCC decided to hold a Clean Up Australia event to help clean the bush for themselves and others to visit.

On Monday 24th April 2017 they held the Clean Up Australia Day.  Children and some members of the community along with families helped to clean up the bush.  The children were surprised to find lots of take-away containers and plastic shopping bags in the bush.

The educators had discussions with the children about safety and how they could work together.  The Centre received some helpful hints, rubbish bags and gloves from the Clean Up Australia organisation.  The Port Stephens Council also contributed special bins to use so the group could collect the rubbish easily.  Port Stephens Council are also monitoring the site to ensure further dumping does not occur.

The children would like to send a message to all in the community in regard to keeping our Bush clean:

“We need to keep it clean, so it’s not yukky” – Cleo (aged 4)

“Put the rubbish in the bin” – Charlotte (aged 4)

“You got to pick up the bags” – Jed (aged 4)

Salamander Child Care Centre would like to say a big thank you to Clean Up Australia and Port Stephens Council or their help in this event, and a big thank you to all the volunteers that helped make the bush a cleaner space for all to enjoy.  It was a fantastic opportunity to connect with the community and take care of the environment.