Salamander Child Care Centre Inc.

Is a community owned children’s service
incorporated under the Association Act 1984.

Is managed by an annually elected Committee of parents.

2017 Management Committee

President  |  Jenny Baxter
Vice President  |  Jenny Weingott
Secretary  |  VACANT
Treasurer  |  Suzanne Harasti
Vice Treasurer  |  VACANT
Staff Liaison Officer  |  Lauren Green
Public Officer  |  Mandy Moore
Fundraising Officer  |  Amy Mahony
Committee Member |  Emma McDowell
Committee Member |  Susanne Callaghan
Committee Member |  Kim Payne

We are seeking members for the positions of

Management Committee Meetings
will be held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month
at 7.00pm in the Banksia Room.

All parents/carers and staff are welcome to attend.