It’s the season for raincoats and gumboots, bonfires and marshmallows, puddles and playing in the rain.  It’s time to put on beanies, jackets and scarves and celebrate the crisp, clear air outside, bare branches and cooler temperatures. It’s a great time to enjoy the excitement and exhilaration of being outside in the elements. Here are a few ideas you could try with your family:

Make a cubby to keep out the wind and rain
Build a backyard bonfire and cook damper on a stick
Grab torches and go for a night hike after dark
Head to the beach on a stormy day to beachcomb and wave watch
Put on the raincoat and gumboots and play/garden/dance in the rain.

Whatever you choose to do, celebrate the season by rugging up and making it fun and normal for your children to be outdoors in winter.

Nature Play SA