At Salamander Child Care Centre we believe the family is the first educator of children. We will collaborate with families to ensure that we continue to educate and nurture children through play based learning as they discover and make sense of their world. We will endeavour to build reciprocal relationships with families built upon open lines of communication, respect, honesty and trust.

We see every child as being a capable individual, an independent thinker, a valuable member of the community, an explorer and experimenter and curious about the world.

We believe children through support, guidance and respect will develop their sense of self, self confidence, sense of belonging, strengths, develop new skills, face challenges and develop meaningful relationships.

We believe children deserve the opportunity to learn, develop relationships, be respected, be heard, be nurtured, be loved, be listened to, express their thoughts, ideas, beliefs and needs, feel safe and secure, be creative and imaginative, have rights, be independent and interdependent and grow and develop.

We are committed to supporting and protecting children, their families and the environment. We recognise and acknowledge the individual and their culture.  We strive to provide engaging and challenging learning opportunities for all children and their families.