Children, too precious for profit 

Salamander Child Care Centre

The Centre incorporates the Early Years Framework, the national curriculum for children under 7, into our planning and play-based learning program.

The Centre is run on a “not for profit” basis because “children are too precious for profit”. We are run by a Management Committee which is comprised of volunteers from families enrolled in the Centre.

We pride ourselves on high quality care, which is achieved with highly trained staff and higher staff-child ratios.

The Centre has achieved an overall rating of ‘Exceeding National Quality Standards’ from the Department of Education and Communities.

The Centre operates from Monday to Friday between the hours of 7.30am and 6.00pm exclusive of Public Holidays.

Visit out office to add your child to our waitlist today.

Children As Individuals

We develop your child’s awareness and curiosity of the world they live in through interest-based projects that incorporate the many languages of learning.

Children As Community

Our visits to the local community give your child a sense of belonging & develops an understanding
and acceptance of diversity.

Adventures Beyond the Fence

We give your child the opportunity to engage with nature as it supports and enhances children’s intellectual, social/emotional, physical and spiritual development and builds resilience.

Our Preschool Program

Your child is encouraged to expand their knowledge and skills in literacy, numeracy and socialisation through play-based activities built into the daily curriculum.


National Quality Standards

We pride ourselves on high quality care, after all Children are too precious for profit.

Our Rooms

Months Old
Class Size

Lillypilly room

We work in partnership with families to make the transition from home to the Centre successful.

Months Old
Class Size

Seastar room

Bonding with caregivers ensures both families and children feel safe, secure and nurtured in their new environment.

3 + 1 Floater staff
Months Old
Class Size

Bandicoot room

Children develop their growing language, cognitive and physical abilities and social and emotional development.

Months Old
Class Size

Banksia room

A strong focus on preschool learning and nurturing children’s self-esteem, well being & development.

Months Old
Class Size

Melaleuca room

Focus on expanding knowledge & skills in literacy, numeracy & socialisation through play-based activities.

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